December 2009: Welding Wherever I Go

I’m always amazed to find welding wherever I go. Our industry has a presence just about everywhere, and I can’t help but be positive.

Just last month I took my family to the Del Mar National Horse Show, one of the premier horse show events in the country– and conveniently located 20 minutes from Arc-Zone’s So Cal headquarters.  While the horse show itself was pretty awesome, what really got me excited was the new roof they installed over the open air stadium.  Metal!  Read all about it and check out some pictures on

On behalf of the team here at Arc-Zone, I wanted to say thank you for your business this past year.  Give us a call if you have any questions about any of the products we’ve mentioned below, or if you need some help figuring out what you need.


Jim Watson, President & Founder, Inc.

New Tungsten Electrode Grinders Online, On Sale  and Ready to Ship!

Super Turbo Tungsten Grinder

We’ve just added the Super Turbo Heavy Duty Tungsten Grinding Machine and the Turbo Ace Semi-Automated Tungsten Grinding Machine to our line up. Both of these machines are manufactured to exacting standards in Japan, and can handle tungsten electrodes up to 3/16″ diameter.

Introductory Offer: 10% Discount

Save 10% off list price on these grinders, and replacement parts from now through the end of the year.  Use the discount code TURBO-09 when you place your order.Turbo Ace Tungsten Grinder

Distributor Opportunities Available! Additional discounts apply for qualified distributors–  Call Arc-Zone at 800-944-2243 to participate!

Gift Ideas for Welders

At Arc-Zone, we have in our store several items that would be a great gift for a welder, even for those on a tight budget.

(HINT:  use the Tell a Friend button, to let someone know what you’d like) 

Books and DVDs on How to Weld and even some nice coffee table display books
Welding Apparel, Decals and Posters —  look stylish and stay safe in the weld shop and in the field!
And if you’ve been really good, maybe you’ll get our most popular tungsten grinding tool, the Sharpie(tm) Hand Held.

Product Spotlight

Fabricators from around the world are using ArcTime(tm) Hybrid tungsten electrodes to improve weld-quality, lower tungsten inventory costs and minimize weld defects.  What started as “cult  product” used by  a few specialty manufacturers of yatch towers, aerospace parts, mountain bikes and race cars has grown into our most popular tungsten electrode product.
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