February 2010 Newsletter


Want fries with that Plasma Welding Torch?

The other day a customer called from gasoline alley in Indianapolis. “Any way you can hook me up with a Double Double?” 

No, that’s not a welding term, it’s one the best burgers you’ll ever have– In-N-Out– a Southern California legend. By focusing on top quality, fresh ingredients and made-to-order burgers cooked the way you want, they’ve managed to take “fast food” to a whole ‘nother level. 

That’s what we do at Arc-Zone.com– we deliver best-in-class welding supplies to customers worldwide– but sending a Double Double– even UPS Red– wasn’t practical. However, our Customer Care Team went to lunch at In-N-Out and just for fun picked up some decals and a hat and we sent it along with the order. Our customer called the next day and said, “I am so impressed with your products, the packaging, reference materials, and decals! I’m setting up Arc-Zone as my preferred welding supply vendor!” 

Now I’m not saying we’ll send In-N-Out hats with every order, but please let us know if you have a special request, something you don’t see on our website, or a kit you’d like customized and give us a call– tollfree at 800.944.2243 (US) or 1.760.931.1500 (worldwide). We’ll even hold the pickles, and get you exactly what you need to Weld Like A Pro! 


Jim Watson, President & Founder
Arc-Zone.com, Inc. 


NEW: Welding Postitioners!  


Need a Pump for your Water Cooler? 

Video about Procon Pumps for Welding Water CoolersArc-Zone sells new and professional refurbished top quality, genuine Procon (R) pumps for your welding water cooler.  Our pumps come with all the parts you need to hook to install it in your cooler….  for more information about coolant pumps, check out the video. 

SAVE an additional $25 on your purchase with our Core Rebate Program.  Just send in your used Procon pump!

JoeWelder at the local AWS Meeting

How involved are you in your local AWS chapter?

Jim Watson recently attended an AWS meeting and met some incredible students!


CarmenElectrode.com: Karine Maynard

Our Newest Rosie

Karine Maynard lives in central Kentucky and works as a blacksmith making ornamental & architectural ironwork, mostly custom jobs, like railings and balconies…..



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