Diamonds are a Welders Best Friend

What do you know about your Diamond Grinding Wheels?

At Arc-Zone, we know a lot about our wheels…  and we learned the hard way!  Not too long ago we thought we found an opportunity to introduce a low-impact, recyclable replacement diamond grinding wheel for our comprehensive line of tungsten grinding machines.  We found a local (US) manufacturer, and thought we were in business!

That first run didn’t work out so well– you can read all about it over at  The bottom line is that NOW we have an awesome, local (as in U.S. of A.) world-class manufacturer that is working with us to deliver top quality, low impact diamond grinding wheels for your tungsten electrode grinder— not cheap import wheels from China– and a program designed to save you money!
Wheel Core Exchange Program™
Return your worn-out diamond grinding wheels and you’ll get a $25 discount on a new wheel purchase or a store credit. (Note: this offer applies only to wheels valued at $100 or more).  Not only will you reduce the impact on the environment by returning your wheels, you’ll reduce the impact on your wallet!
We’re always looking for ways to innovate in the market, so don’t forget to let us know if you have a special request, something you don’t see on our website, or information you need to get your hands on.  Give us a call–  TollFree at 800.944.2243 (US) or 1.760.931.1500 (worldwide).

WeldX: Safe, Comfortable and Extreme Flame Resistant Welding Apparel– NEW from Miller

The newest product from Miller Safety is now available at  The WeldX line includes a classic black jacket, cape sleeves, welder sleeves, a bib and apron, all in a lightweight yet rugged material desiged to perform in the toughest welding environments.


Welding for the Navy and for Future Rosies

Amanda Grinager has been welding for seven years, and currently works in San Diego CA for a yacht company called Marine Group Boat Works. She does structural welding, fabrication and fitting- Anything from tanks to seams, but primarily aluminum MIG/ GMAW welding. Amanda has been part of the team at MGBW working on a government contract to build three Range Training Support Craft units, the RTSC-110… for the U.S. Navy!  Read about her over at and find out about Rosie’s Girls summer camp!

ArcTime™ Hybrid Tungsten Electrodes

ArcTime Tungsten ElectrodesWe keep hearing from more and more fabricators about how great our ArcTime™  tungsten is–  one customer even scored a free sample from one of our competitors and ran some tests– head to head.  Ramon over at Headway Performance said the ArcTime delivered a better weld– hands down!  And while we don’t give out free samples, we do offer a Money Back Gurantee backed by our industry-leading No Hassle Return Policy.  So if you’re looking for a long-lasting tungsten electrode with excellent ignition properties and low burn-off rates, order your ArcTime today!


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