Behind the Scenes at the AWS / Fabtech Show

I just got back from the AWS / Fabtech show in Atlanta. It’s great to meet old friends, make new friends (like Paul Sr. from OCC), and check out the new stuff from the manufacturers.  There’s some pretty innovative, high-performance products coming down the pike, some of which are already available at and others you’ll be able to get at very soon–  we’ll keep you posted.

One of the most exciting products I saw at the show was the BSX Welder’s Helmet Bag / Gear Pack. It’s a backpack fully equipped to store and transport your helmet, your gloves, your torch, your tools, and even a lunch box! They won’t be available to the general public for a couple more weeks, but I convinced the manufacturer to bring one to me, so I can, uh, test it, yeah that’s it….  Available NOW at Arc-Zone

I also got a good look at the new WeldX line from Miller Safety.  This line of clothing provides fantastic flame and spatter resistance and it’s lightweight and breathable which should help reduce heat stress related injuries.  Bonus–  you’ll look good in the classic black welding jacket, sleeves, bib or apron. And you can get those right now at

Also in time for the holiday season and back by popular demand-the Gift Card! Use the handy Tell a Friend button to let your friends and family know what YOU want!


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