Arc-Zone The Metal Mashup December Vol.2

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December 2016: Beware of pistols, razor-blades, 2 Monsters, elves, and videos that’ll knock your Christmas socks off.


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It may not be mandated by the 2nd Amendment, but theSteady-Grip Remote Amperage Control puts you in control of your amperage by simply pulling the trigger. Exercise you right to lay down the best welds in ‘Merica and across the globe.


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Sometimes, ya just gotta have Two! We’ve added an option to get 2 Monster nozzles in your kit. Add a second cup of the same size to your kit for $25-$33 (prices vary by cup size). Save 20%. Be ready for anything that comes into the shop today & long after the Holi-daze! Click on any single Nozzle kit & choose the “w/ Two Monster Nozzles” option.


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Take a peek at our recap of the #razorbladechallenge, but we’ll warn you it was loads of fun & even a lil’ inspiring. Our friends at CK Worldwide were gracious enough to co-host welding demos and the infamous Razor Blade Challenge, using the a Monster Nozzle, ArcTime & the MT200 Welding Machine.
It’s one thing to complete a Challenge in the comfort of your own shop… it’s entirely different to jump into a “foreign” welding station with 1,000’s of people around & a camera all up in your grill!!! Watch our recap of this fun event!
Thank you to everyone who agreed to participate!

THE ELF ON THE SHELF IS [STILL] WATCHINGScreen Shot 2017-01-19 at 9.56.56 AM

If you’re like most of us, there’s no time to write-up your Wish List… not mention mail it off to the North Pole. So our lil’ elves have taken their best shot at creating a Welder’s Favorite Gifts List. Share it with Santa & get the perfect gift(s) this Season!


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One our favorite sections of The Mashup is the “Just for Fun Video.” Each issue we try to find an entertaining video to shock, entertain, or educate our Mashers. We tabulated the clicks and created a play list of this year’s favorites. Thanks for watching, laughing, and sharing!!! Here comes the Muffin Man…


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Rush Kane started welding 13-14 years ago and has been professionally welding for 9+ yrs. He’s worked everything from race cars to tiny precision instruments and jewelry. Rush loves the welding community and strives to push the industry in a positive direction, however he can. On Instagram, @kanekid spotlights all that is both fun and cool about welding. He is awed by the impact that our industry has on building everything big & small around our world, and Rush is inspired each day to weld a small part of it. Our hoods come off to Rush and all the men & women who weld hard everyday. Cheers!!!


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