Arc-Zone The Metal Mashup June Vol. 1

June 2017:  Featuring diamond wheels, a flashback, Zeke the 12-year-old protégé & videos to inspire you this Father’s Day!


StrongHand Tool’s new Scissor Lift is Made in the USA to increase productivity and worker comfort. Set your BuildPro table to the fabricator’s ideal height for each project. A simple button power control raises the quick-acting scissor lift platform with loads up to 4,200 lbs from 8.5″- 48″ high. An optimally positioned work piece improves weld quality & speed.


Unlike the pretty, sparkly ones, these diamonds are meant to be ground down and replaced. If you’re getting your grind on, be sure that your tungsten is tapered to perfection with a dedicated grinding wheel. Arc-Zone carries all the Replacement Wheels you need. If you have any questions, call or email our diamond-grinding experts.


If you’re like us & you love to give [and get] useful gifts. Checkout our video giving a rundown of some of our favorite metalworking tools. Our in-house “hand model” made a few extra bucks filming this one, so feel free to share & enjoy a whistle while you shop. We has fun Making it!

Flashback to 1948

This is a video produced by GE, literally in 1948. It’s a “More Power to America” film promoting GE’s welding line; it demonstrates how the use of a welder can greatly improve productivity and maintenance tasks on the farm. When you have time, it is truly one of the most interesting videos we have watched (over & over again) in a long time. GE deserves kudos to how much time it invested in producing a storybook, sales, educational resource in 1948 that is still relevant today!


Bryan Fuller isn’t Zeke’s father, but he has taken on a mentoring role in his life. If you’re looking for inspiration to spark your day or to light a fire for one of your kids, check-out this article in ARC Magazine. We can all learn a little (or a LOT) from Zeke’s drive and Bryan’s approach to challenging Zeke to learn and to grow thru his motorcycle build.  Zeke says: “Bryan makes learning really fun. He doesn’t solve a problem for you -he teases you into solving it.” We love their style!!!


This is your OMGosh!, some people put themselves in the most precarious positions, video of the week. It is also our reminder to take safety seriously; there’s only one you and we’d like to keep you around, safe, and [sane] for as long as possible. Have fun & Be Safe out there, young [Bridge]walkers!


At Arc-Zone, we love to showcase how welding is a great way to bring your family together. In honor Father’s Day, we’re highlighting our own Scott & his daughter, Madeline, who enjoy working in their workshop together. Madeline has caught the welding fever from her dad, and they’ve introduced a few of her school friends to their pastime. No time spent with family is time wasted. Live – Love – Laugh – Weld!
Share your family fun welding pics:  #WELDLIKEDAD

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