Arc-Zone The Metal Mashup May Vol. 2

May 2017: This issue features Cannonballs, Sharpies, Clamps, and a Double Tribute our Vets!!! Enjoy!


It’s crazy how far & wide those lil’ sparks and spatter can fly…
* Protect your valuables from flying sparks and burn marks with a blanket that’s simple to deploy.
* Don’t expose your colleagues & family to arc flash – super light, portable welding screens make a great visual barrier.
* When you’re done, roll the screen out of the way & fold up your blanket. It’s that easy!


Lenco makes some of the industry’s Best clamps & connectors on the market… and they’re all made Right HERE in the good ‘ol USA. They cast and mold their tools, plus we know exactly what metal alloys are poured into the molds. You’re gonna get better conductivity, operator safety, and less heat. What’s not to Love? The Right Tools Make All the Difference!


If it’s true that the included grind angle (taper) & tip flat diameter of an electrode affect the size, consistency & quality of the weld bead and penetration… then it does matter. Prep your tungsten electrodes quickly, easily and consistently w/ a Sharpie. With the Deluxe model you can set the angle of the point, and repeat it over and over again.


Meet Shane Savage, a disabled veteran who has launched a successful 2nd career as a welder through a veteran re-training program. This inspirational Spotlight reminds us that we need to sharpen our own saws to keep our skill sets up to date. With determination, we can overcome any obstacle we encounter.


Kayla, a 3rd grader, is a gleaming example of a little girl who has been raised Right! Her local 4-H exposed her to welding @ 7 yrs old. She creates art pieces honoring veterans, and they auction for up to $500. Kayla also raises her own chickens & pigs. She, and her family, are an inspiration. If we encourage our children to push themselves to gain new skills and to care for others, they are destined to make our world a better place. Kayla aspires to be a welder for the Navy! How are the kids in your life giving back and, at the same time, laying a path toward a bright future?


Sometimes you gotta Go Big or Go Home… Enjoy a redneck version of the cannon ball run, aka a bowling ball launch. Ok, so it’s not a cross country race, but it sure look like those bad boys could fly that far, plus it features some great characters! It’s even set to some catchy tunes! Guaranteed to make you smile! Don’t try this at home… unless you’ve got ~100 acres.


It doesn’t take long to figure out that Bryan has applied his artistic talents to his welding career. He has been fabricating for 5+ years, and Bryan’s business focuses on the aftermarket diesel performance industry. He’s passionate about metallurgy; he studies the properties of dissimilar metals… and the metallurgical properties that make it possible to weld. Check-out (@bryankinches) on IG to see more. We tip our hoods to him and to all the men and women who burn rod each day to spur our industry and the trades forward!


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