Arc-Zone The Metal Mashup June Vol. 2

June 2017: Protect yourself this summer from evil vapors, poor visibility & gnarly pipe joints with the best tools on the planet!


Seriously, those noxious fumes & vapor are evil villains trying to enter and blacken your lungs. Don’t pass-up our breath-saving Offers, exclusively for Metal Mashup subscribers:
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  • 15% savings on a 3M PPE Bundle (Savings built into bundle price)


Lucky #15 Monster nozzle is like a photgrapher’s wide angle lens (just a lil’ more rugged) that captures the entire scene. These bad boys use a large diameter gas lens to diffuse heat & maximize shield gas coverage. If you’re planning to go tubin’ down the river or walkin’ the cup across a pipe, invest in a Heavy Duty Monster15.
The Right Tools Make All the Difference!

The Clear Choice

The 1/2″ Orifice Pyrex glass nozzle provides excellent visibility of the weld puddle and tungsten electrode; it’s ideal for inside corners, inside pipe & around tubing. Gas Saver™ kits are available in tungsten electrode sizes from .040″ (1.0mm) to 5/32″ (4.0mm). Arc-Zone is dedicated to setting you up for success with the best accessories on the planet.

The Next Big Sport!

In this edition of ARC Magazine they state how collaborations from metal fabricators, mechanical engineers, programmers, hydraulic and electronic technicians take place in order to bring life to the giant robots and “create a real-life epic battle of science fiction.”


This is a new version of our ALL TIME favorite & most popular “Fun” welding-related video. Enjoy the chaos & the drama – It’s Awesome! And Feel better about your own commute, cuz it isn’t that bad after all…


Colton (@coltonbontrager) is a 20 year old welder from Wasilla, Alaska. He has been welding for 3 years and is currently working on an all TIG job in the aerospace industry. He enjoys fabricating and designing things. Colton also takes any chance he gets to go out to explore Alaska, whether it be by land, sea or air. We love to celebrate welders and fabricators across the country & the globe who literally make Great things every day.


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