Arc-Zone The Metal Mashup August Vol. 2

August 2017: How Hot is too Hot? No Worries. Transformers, Water coolers, Monster cups & the Multitool will keep you cool!


Who needs an energy drink, when you can get amped up by stackin’ dimes? Regardless of which [flavor] you choose, Arc-Zone has a Monster TIG nozzle to help you Weld Like a Pro. If you’re welding exotic alloys (i.e. Titanium, Stainless Steel, Inconel, Hastelloy, Monel, Chromoly, Docol R8), you can benefit from the Monster’s:

    -Improved Gas Coverage
    -Better Arc Stability
    -Longer Tungsten Stick-out (better joint access & visibility)
    -Light, Compact Feel that Won’t Weigh Down your Torch


Abicor Binzel® water coolers deliver excellent cooling & value for under $800. Constructed of high-quality components, with a rotational molded, long life plastic tank with quick release hose connections and adapters. Designed for water cooled MIG, TIG and PAW welding torches rated up to 600 amps. Be more productive and extend the life of your torch by running cooler.


The Multitool™ is so much more than a traditional belt sander, this versatile tool has a belt speed of ~5,400 sq.ft./min. It removes material up to 5 times faster than with a grit grinding wheel. Enjoy 5 grinding areas in one machine: contact wheel, platen grinding, slack-belt grinding, disc grinding, & stone wheel grinding. It’s so great, you’ll want to put it on a pedestal..


A reader asks Practical Welding Today which filler to use for 6061-T6 with service temps from 300-600F… But is aluminum even appropriate for his application?… Hmmm… What do you think? What did the experts recommend?


We love to see people re-purpose scrap metal and design creations that strike awe into those who experience them. This father-son duo was inspired by the Transformer movie, and theGIGANTIC transformers they’ve created from car parts are simply spectacular. Not only that, their passion has spawned a small business enterprise and strengthened their relationship. Great Big Story, the media company that uncovered their story, travels the globe to discover the untold & flat-out amazing.


Wes of @Wicked_Welding has spent the last few years building his business and his shop. From what we can see, theshop is as clean & organized as his approach to welding. By starting with the right tools, a lotta sweat, and a clear vision of where you wanna go, you can achieve your dreams. If it were easy… everyone would do it. Celebrate your successes and learn from your setbacks, so that at the end of the day, you’re that much stronger. Cheers to Wes, and all the men & women who burn metal each day to make it happen. Share your journey w/ us on Social media. We’d love to cheer you on too!


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