Arc-Zone The Metal Mashup January 2018 Vol. 2

Blue Moon Issue 2018:  Innovative Rod Storage Solution, BIG savings on CK’s MT200, drool-producing tungsten grinder, epic dance moves, a guy in his garage, & a few words about Jim.


Today we have the privilege to bring you something totally Innovative… We’ve developed a full suite of products to elevate your Rod Guard containers to the Pro Series level.
What makes ’em Great?
1. Rod ID Cap & label that nests on top to identify the material type, diameter, and date.
2. Custom Divider to store 3 diameters of rod in a tube.
This Pro Solution protects your rod, organizes your shop, & maximizes the value of your containers. Check ’em out!


We’re already enamored with the quality and dependability of the CK’s Multi-process machine. So when we heard that they’re running a promo to slash $400 off the price, we couldn’t wait to share it with you. Check it out & bring one home to your shop!


Thomas, one of our Pro Partners & customers, wrote this ode to his Piranha II, “When I welded only on the weekends for fun, using a drill and a belt sander was plenty good enough. Now that I weld every single day for a living. I need things to be better and quicker. The Piranha 2 tungsten sharpener, as you can see, is the unit I use everyday. You can see the difference in the quality of the point.”  Here’s a Link to his IG post. Check it out in our store, if you want to achieve similar quality and results. (Disclaimer: This Grinder won’t necessarily make you weld like Thomas, but quality tools get you that much closer 😉


If you don’t read The Fabricator regularly, well… you’re missin’ out. We’re big fans of Amanda Carlson, managing editor, for what’s been recently re-branded as, The WELDER. She really hits the mark in this video interview (the 1st we’ve seen) with Jim Wright of Jimbo’s Garage. We’re inspired by hard-working folks who share their stories for the betterment of our industry, tradespeople, and those who want to understand us.
Here’s the link to the print story from the Nov issue, but click above to watch this YouTube sensation, with infectious positive energy, tell the tale of how his YouTube popularity came to be.


From now on, why would you wanna shake it up any other way? We came across this lil’ gem posted by Bentley Garner last week & we just needed to share. Listen close ‘cuz you can hear the camera operator giggling too. Turns out, this Brazilian JiuJitsu Black Belt and fabricator has got some moves!


I don’t think we’ve done this before, as he’s too humble to suggest we highlight his weld-like-a-pro-ness… But our fearless leader, Jim Watson, (@thejoewelder) is our in-house guru of all things welding. While Jim doesn’t weld everyday anymore, his innovative, problem-solving mindset is the driving force behind our new product development and total quality culture… It’s Jim who conceived of the Monster line-up, the Low Rider, our Pro Kits, TIG Machine upgrades, the new Rod ID products… and so much more that’s still on the drawing table.
As Arc-Zone enters its 20th year, we wanna give Jim a Congratulatory shout-out, and Thank him for making a positive mark on our industry, providing us with a fantastic work environment, and supporting our shared quest to deliver our customers the best service & welding solutions on the planet.

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