Arc-Zone The Metal Mashup May 2018 Vol.1

May 2018: Welder’s colorful bouquets, lucky horseshoe art, an ode to newbies, going small & inspiring women who weld.


Everyone can use a little color to brighten up their day… color-coding your tools keeps you organized. Send you favorite welder (or yourself) a bouquet of welding tools that won’t wilt or make a mess of the shop.  Featured here are:
We’re focused on offering the best tools available to keep your time under the hood productive. #toolsthatmakeyoumoney


Looking for a little inspiration to share your love of welding with family and friends? Barbie the Welder has put together over 30 inspired craft ideas to create art from horseshoes. We’re thrilled to offer her book to welders and prospective welders across the globe who wanna learn from one of our industry’s most positively infectious women. Create something beautiful today or share your craft with Mom, the kids or a recent grad. Buy a book & share the love…


Stop Frustration (with accessing tight spaces) in its tracks! The LowRider gas lens kit can get you and your torch outta a jam, anytime day or nite. Available for your 9, 20, or 2 Series torch as well as your 24 or 8 model. We’ve got these lil’ life savers in our standard LowRider or the “Slammed” version that will get you even lower. We’ve lowered the price too, so cruise by & get yours today.


The world needs more welders and tradespeople; women are up for the job in increasing numbers. There are local training programs targeting women to prepare them for the demands of the industry. Check out the AWS’s recent profiles and series related to women in the industry to learn more… or forward this newsletter to someone who might need a hand up and a little bit of inspiration today.


There’s something so pure about a sharing your passion with the next generation or even your neighbor who’s looking for a meaningful, satisfying hobby. We found this video posted by@boostedgreengo of his 13 year old son welding on their homemade gokart frame. If you want some inspiration for your next project check-out their #driftcooler, aka gokart. Seriously, that’s our goal for the summer… build a “refreshing” cooler ride that takes you for a spin and keeps your beverages chilled. Forget dragging that heavy thing around. Gotta have goals!


There’s something heavenly & sublime about Jane’s steel creations. Has welding changed your life? Jane Bennetts (@girlinshed) experienced a life changing event that led her to the healing power of metal work. “I hit rock bottom and needed to begin again, so I used art as a way to process my thoughts and feelings.” While raising two boys, Jane found some time for herself to take an introductory evening course at the Ringwood Trade Training Centre in Victoria, Australia where she learned the basics of MIG welding. Thanks to social media, Jane expanded her skill set when she found similar artists on Instagram who both encouraged her and taught her to Arc & MIG weld. Besides the camaraderie of the welding community, Jane became interested in metal work because she loves “giving recycled materials new life, how the different textures can add to the meaning and that steel is very forgiving.” We salute moms and welders across the globe who #weldlikeapro and inspire us each day.


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