The Metal Mashup: October Vol.1 – 2018

Oct 2018:  Angle-finders, a Sale, Jedi tools, a Russian w/ mad Skills, welder-guitarist, & the Partners are comin’ to town!


No need for Jedi mind tricks to save your tungsten from nasty contamination. The New ArcSaber Tungsten storage container, exclusively from Arc-Zone, is the perfect purpose-built solution to wrangling the bits and pieces of tungsten wandering around your tool box and your shop. With the magnetic base & handy taper angle illustration, it’s the perfect Tung-tainer for your torch’s dearest electrifying friends.


From the most affordable to the most durable and accurate, Arc-Zone has the squares, levels, and angle finders to help you measure twice (as fast), and cut or tack perfectly. To get it right the first time, get the right tools in your hands! Starting at just $9.95, isn’t it time to get on the level?


Look out World, here comes Diana Bagautdinova, Russia’s only competitor at the WorldSkills Welding Championship. Diana says “she would like to be seen not as a “female welder” but as a “solid pro who just does a good job.” At the ripe ol’ age of 19, Diana is already giving back by teaching master welding classes for high school boys and girls. We’re certain this isn’t her only moment to shine. Can’t wait to see how Diana does on the larger world stage.


One of the cleverest feats we’ve seen in a long time. Fritz (@arc.up) posted this little ditty last month. When asked how he did it, Fritz commented, “I replaced the strings with tig filler rods. The arc is burning on a big washer… The sound comes entirely from the pulse of the arc.” While it’s not the most epic sounding guitar duel, it’s definitely music to a welder’s ears. We’re happy that he’s not throwing too many sparks, as both his toes and the couch look to be in mortal danger. Lol!


We can’t believe it’s been 4 years since we first hosted our Pro Partners here in Carlsbad. So much has happened… several births, loads of product testing, a new Pro Partner, homes,  communities & businesses built. When we initiated the Pro Partner concept, our goal was to create something of value for you – our customers, industry, and followers. We wanted to make your jobs easier, your welds purdier, your belly hurt from laughing, and to knock your helmets off with innovative products, and solutions to real life welding problems. We feel good about how far we’ve come, and we are stoked to continue on that journey – there’s so much that lies ahead…


In honor of our #20Year Celebration, Ar-Zone is hosting our Pro Partners for the next 5 days. For a small business, this is a big investment for our future. We gain so much from our official Partners as well as all of our customers who bring us their challenges, in the hopes of developing solutions and sharing tips to make everyone’s welding lives better. If you want to virtually join the mirth and the madness, plug into Facebook Friday and Saturday mornings for our Live feed or catch our posts on Instagram and Facebook daily. 


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