The Metal Mashup: September Vol.1 – 2019

It’s time to reflect, squeeze ’em tight, Go for Gold, take care of your tools, and get back out there again.


Who isn’t interested in efficiency and finding the smartest way to complete a tough job? That’s where tools like Pliers and Clamps come in. They’re like an extra pair of Super-Strong fingers – willing to grab, pull, twist, and hold on tight… whenever they’re needed. So don’t let go… get your hands on some of these helpful little tools and hold on tight. We’ve got over 25 unique tools to choose from!


The Sharpie™ Tungsten Grinder is one heck of a tool but it’s only as good as the sum of its parts and if you’re not maintaining those parts, you might as well just kiss its longevity goodbye. We offer an array of Sharpie™ replacement parts that’ll increase the lifespan of your grinder, reduce your chances of meeting the impending doom of a neglected grinder, and pretty much obliterate any reason to spend money unnecessarily. 
We’ve also added a New Grinding Wheel to our offering – cuz if you’re grindin’ tungsten, those diamonds are wearin’ away.


Orange you glad Arc-Zone offers informational blogs to update welders on the ever changing industry standards, such as Ceriated Tungsten changing from Orange to Grey? Read  
Tungsten: What’s the buzz? to learn all about the recommendations for which metals and applications each tungsten is used for. And visit for all the tungsten you’ll ever need!


For some, September 11th represents a day that forever altered the course of their lives. It’s a day that’s left an imprint on our hearts and one we’ll never forget. The Navy’s USS New York (LPD21), forged from 7.5 tons of steel recovered from The World Trade Center, memorializes the unity of our nation as we find new strength that can arise from great tragedy. Watch as the vessel sails near Ground Zero for a symbolic tribute. 


We are very excited to announce that we’re returning to the 2019 Fabtech Expo as an Exhibitor 20 years after we debuted as the first online welding supplier in 1998. Keep a look-out for more details, special deals, and guest appearances!


Kent Evenson has an eye for metal art. He sees a pile of scrap metal and envisions the masterpiece (or pieces) it will become. He loves welding for all of the same reasons as everyone else but where he stands out is how he uses welding to create different textures and profiles. He says he uses it as a medium to create the visions in his mind. “I see it lying in the pile of scrap metal so, I must weld it.” For a lil’ inspiration, check Kent out


What’s the perfect metal alloy for plunging 90 mph down an icy chute lying on top of a 50lb sled? The USA Olympic Luge Team got a crash course in metallurgy in order to find out. And while the Gold medal is their ultimate goal, safety is their #1 priority. With the help of their longtime sponsor, Norton Abrasives’ engineering team, experts determined the perfect metal to get athletes safely down the chute in near-record time. This incredible story about how a sponsorship turned into a crash course in advanced manufacturing is a must read!!


We may have started out as an online only welding accessory store but now in our second decade, we’ve opened our doors to give customers a chance to see what’s behind the curtain. Not only can you visit us online but you can visit us in person at our one-of-a-kind showroom. We welcome all welders and tradespeople to experience life at the Zone!


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