All in one TIG Torch?

Don’t get me wrong, we like Weldcraft. Their products are great, their customer service is awesome (Hi Mark!) but I have to wonder if this Modular Flex Kit really solves any problems for welders.

From Weldcraft’s press release:

APPLETON, Wis. 6 February 2007-Weldcraft designed its AK-150 Modular Flex (AK-150MF) Kit to provide maximum flexibility on a wide range of TIG welding applications. The AK-150MF is an “all-in-one” kit that allows operators to convert their standard 17F or 17FV TIG torch into 20 different torch styles using an existing cable. By delivering multiple configurations in a single package, the AK-150MF eliminates the need to purchase and carry extra torches and reduces downtime associated with torch changeovers

Continue reading about Weldcraft’s AK-150 here over at the ThomasNet Industrial News Room….

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