TIG WELDING TIP from Weldcraft

We had a visit from our Weldcraft sales rep the other day. He had lots of great information to share, and some behind-the-scenes company info (we were sworn to secrecy, but I’ll let on as soon as we are given the O.K.) And, the new Weldcraft catalog is available. Drop me a note if you’re interested in having one– we’ll get one sent out to you.

Sales people always have great schwag : branded post-it notes, pens, coffee mugs, you know. Sometimes you can go months without going to the office supply store!

Joshua is no different. He left me this great notepad. (Thanks!) Not only does it have all the appropriate contact information on it, but along the bottom there’s TIG WELDING TIPS. I’ll share them here, on the blog, just in case you don’t get a visit from Joshua.


Prevent excessive electrode consumption: maintain one second of post-flow gas for every 10 amps of weld current and choose a tungsten diameter appropriate for your application.

And don’t forget, Arc-Zone.com has some great welding tips, articles and links in their library. And don’t forget about JoeWelder– a great place to read commentary on welding industry news, and tips on metal fabrication from Jim Watson.

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