Hooking Up Your Water Cooler to your TIG Welder

So many people get confused by this… and I posted this previously but that post is archived in the old blog so I thought I’d post this little mini tutorial again.

Your water cooled TIG torch’s 3 lines:
1 black RH thread for gas hook up;
1 blue (5/8 x18) LH thread for water IN– cool water from the cooler ; and
1 red– your power cable with DINSE connector which goes back to the power supply carrying the warm water, and a red water return line off the connector to hook back to the cooler….

FYI: Industry standard is that all water connections should be Left Hand thread (LH), gas connections are Right Hand thread (RH)

Shown here is the Miller Synchrowave, with Arc-Zone.com’s CoolKit(tm) — everything you need to to hook up a water cooled TIG Torch and Weld Like A Pro(tm)….

Not sure a water-cooled TIG Torch is right for you? Think you’re doing just fine with the WP-17 TIG Torch that came with your machine? Check out the article, “Why Upgrade” and then decide.

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