One of the cool things about working at Arc-Zone is the fact that Jim Watson, aka Joe Welder™, knows a lot about cars, and about the racing history in Southern California, having participated in a lot of it himself!

Makes me interested in motorsports!

So yesterday, I mention to Jim that the TLC channel will be premiering ANOTHER show which will feature metal fabrication… “Hard Shine” filmed out at So-Cal Speed, and Jim’s all like, “Oh yeah, Jimmy Shine. Great shop…”

and I’m left shaking my head, thinking Does Jim know about everyone in the welding world? It sure seems like it sometimes. It IS a small world, and Jim’s been around motorsports and metal since he was kid....

The show will premiere at 10 pm this July 12 on TLC channel (cable). Jim and I will both be watching so expect some commentary and a review. I’m curious to know if the guys at So-Cal Speed are as lax with safety as the guys are on American Choppers…. we’re sure to see some awesome hotrods.

And maybe I’ll even apply for the next round of Shine… I’m excited that they have two women on the show this time around! an artist named Jezebelle and Sarah, a hot rod junkie.

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