Arczone vs. Arc-Zone

I know a lot of people forget to type in the ‘-‘ between arc and zone when they’re looking for our website, and don’t get the arczone they are looking for–, the place to get high-performance welding accessories.

It would be great if you could type “arczone” and get to Arc dash Zone dot com…. The reason we have that little hyphen is pretty simple. When Jim Watson, aka Joe Welder went to register the domain name an internet service provider– a computer company in Canada— already had it. So being the creative guy that he is, Jim went ahead and registered arczone as Arc dash Zone dot com.

And if you’re not sure what an “arc zone” is (aside from being 1. a great place to work, 2. a solutions oriented supplier of high-performance welding accessories and 3. an online superstore) check out Jim’s definition over on the Joe Welder™ blog.

Back in 2003 the Canadian ISP agreed to put up a webpage that directed people that typed in to us, (even though they weren’t using the site, they didn’t want to sell it)

Not sure what happened, but now the Canadian site showcases a cruise travel web site.


So if you’re looking for and forget to type in the hyphen… you may not find us. Your best bet will be to go ahead a google us. You can always call us direct as well, we have an 800 number for folks in the US 800-944-2243 and access worldwide at 760-931-1500.

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