Welding in a Fish Tank

Don’t get me wrong, I think Miller– and all the ITW affiliates– do a great job getting out information about their products. They are always helpful and forthcoming with photos for publication, and some really great collateral. But this one gave me such a laugh I had to share it.

From the Miller Marketing team:

Dear Carmen,

I believe your readers will want to to know that Miller welder generators that use the patented Vault technology boast reliability ratings of greater than 98% according to information just released by the company. “Vault” technology hermetically seals the circuit board and is impenetrable to dust, dirt and moisture.

I’ve attached a high resolution photo of the Vault for your review. Please note that in the photo the Vault is functioning while submerged in a fish tank.

So, if you ever want to TIG weld in a fish tank. You’re good to go with a Miller!


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