Welding en Español

The spin doctors from Bernard seem to have missed the mark ever so slightly with their latest press release:

Based on overwhelming demand from the growing Latino population throughout the United States and Canada, Bernard has translated all of its English language product spec sheets into Spanish.

The [Spanish language] spec sheets are available as a free, downloadable PDF document from the Bernard Web site.

You can read the official press release from Bernard here.


  • Metal fabrication market size in Latin America projected at neary 4 BILLION dollars (report by Metalmecanica magazine)
  • Weldmex 2008 a large welding exposition held in Mexico City, hosted over 4,500 attendees (exhibitors included representatives from 3M, the AWS, ESAB, Fronius, GE, Hypertherm, Praxair, Olympus… and more!)
  • The Fabricator magazine is now published en espanol
  • Many US manufacturers have opened fully owned subsidiary plants south of the border… where they speak Spanish

For more reading on this topic, check out the blog posts by Dan Davis, Editor-in-Chief at The Fabricator (in English) reporting on his attendance at WeldMex.

This is a global economy we are living in…. I can’t help but wonder– perhaps it is not the “growing Latino population” here in the US, but rather the increased manufacturing being done south of the border?

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