Pipe Welding Videos

The hottest thing on the internet… in case you haven’t been paying attention… is video. It’s a great way to share information with customers, and Miller Electric has joined the party!

They just announced the addition of pipe welding videos on their website:

Miller Electric Mfg. Co.’s Pipe Welding Technique videos are now available for free downloading on the Miller Website at MillerWelds.com/education/articles/article125.html. These videos explain techniques and technology that increase pipe-welding productivity. On-line video topics include new advances in pipe welding techniques, preparation of the pipe joint, RMD™ on carbon steel pipe, RMD on stainless steel pipe and cap and fill passes with Pro-Pulse™. A free CD containing these videos can also be ordered by visiting MillerWelds.com/products/multiprocess/pipepro_welding_system/

AND just a note. The videos are available for streaming, not download! There’s some good basic information. Pipe welders may be interested in some of the purge gas equipment that Arc-Zone.com carries: purge bladders, weld tape, water soluble purge film and tape.

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