Did you know that information about can be found in more than one place online?  If you’re here, you know about You may also know about…  but you’ll find Arc-Zone in lots of other online venues as well. Here’s a comprehensive list:
The site is primarily written by industry expert Jim Watson, founder of, Inc., a pioneering ecommerce company, and features informational How-Tos, reflections on industry news and events and showcases new and innovative products.The JoeWelder site also includes articles categorized as “Memory Lane” and “Motorsports” capitalizing on Jim Watson’s extensive history and knowledge of motorsports.
Archive of Weld Liek A Pro(TM) e-zine.  News from Arc-Zone and Tips for TIG, MIG and Plasma Arc Welding and Cutting.
Behind-the-scenes News about, including product additions and programming changes to the website.

Powered by, the Tungsten Electrodes Online site provides technical information and resources about tungsten electrodes used in TIG / GTAW welding applications as well as tungsten electrodes for Plasma Arc Welding (PAW) applications.

For custom pre-ground tungsten electrodes for automated TIG and PAW welding applications the site offers a form to request a quote.
The latest to join the network.  Details coming soon.

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