Zinc is the new black

One of the great things about online networking is that you have instant access all kinds of people.  Smart people.  So when my mySpace friend emailed and asked if I had any tips on welding zinc, I put the word out among my network:  mySpace and Facebook, and even emailed a few stellar welders I know.

And before the day’s end, I had an answer from my buddy over at Hell N Back Welding.  He writes:

Best link I’ve found for proper procedure on zinc is here:

Soldering iron is the best option. I found some technical manuals on welding with TIG that say it’s appropriate for everything BUT zinc and lead.

Also there’s a discussion of the same question ie countertops here:

Apparently, ZINC is all the rage in countertops…  I know this from This Old House magazine, it’s very French Bistro.

So, check out those links for welding up your own zinc countertop, or commission one from Debra over at The Metal Shoppe.  Or the folks at Handcrafted Metal…

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