Carmen Electrode Goes International

This is your language lesson for the day.  Today, Carmen Electrode goes INTERNATIONAL.

Our first stop is la belle France, where welding is called la soudure or le soudage.

My favorite French welding website (translated as “welder”) has a forum nearly impossible to navigate unless one knows the language.  Luckily the French also use the same names for MIG, TIG, plasma, and laser welding, so at least there’s one thing there that’s familiar.

Second, we have Spain or España.

There, welding is known as la soldadura and a welder is un/a soldador/a.  (I expect in French that means that a female welder would be called une soudeure).

My chosen welding forum in Spanish has to be which is translated as “square wave”.  They too use the same acronyms/names for different types of welding that we do.  Globalization much?

If you or anyone you know has some interesting recommendations for welding sites in other languages, let us know!  We are always striving to be more globally focused.

And if you can teach us how to say “welding” in say, Chinese, or Arabic, we’d be highly appreciative.

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