Rosie– The Musical

You may or may not know that I am slightly obsessed with Rosie the Riveter….    partly because like for many women, Rosie embodies the strength of the American Woman.  HOWEVER, did you know there was a “Wendy the Welder” too? I’ve seen references to her here and there, but not much information.  Which to me, makes Rosie all the more interesting. What was it about Rosie?  How did she become the icon? Was it all Norman Rockwell’s fault?

I recently found this in my cruising of the internet searching for Rosie:

Interestingly when I talk to people about this, I invariably hear a story. Even my creative writing teacher– his grandmother worked in the shipyards in Norfolk during World War II. Do you have any Rosie the Riveter (or Wendy the Welder) connections?

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