Welders are Everywhere!

Day trippin’ in Santa Fe, and who do I meet? Tomás. He and his buddy were stopping off at the bank to deposit a check. They’d been working on a film. They didn’t mention any names, but filmmaking is a big industry in New Mexico. Some titles you may recognize: No Country for Old Men, Traffic, Mall Cop, Sunshine Cleaning, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Seraphim Fallsthe complete list is online and includes t.v. shows in production here: Breaking Bad, Crash, and In Plain Sight.

So with filming, comes a lot of “Below the Line” work… the stuff that happens behind the scenes… the stuff that makes the scenes, literally building sets and props and scaffolding and lord knows what else.  And there’s work for welders too.  And itt’s been good work for Tomás. In fact, he says his Lincoln Electric Welder is “the only redhead that ever made me any money!”
Check out the directory of welders online at the Film New Mexico site.

And keep your eyes open…  welders are everywhere!

…and so is Arc-Zone.com….
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