“Measure twice and cut once”

You know we here at CarmenElectrode.com love to see girls being encouraged to learn about metal fabrication, and welding in particular… These girls at at a Michigan high school are learning valuable skills and rules like “measure twice– cut once” at their after-school welding class.  With donations of money and time from various community members, the girls are able to use the skils they’ve learned to weld together their own mirror frames, plant holders, coat racks, and the like.

Will they move on to welding as a career?  Only time will tell on that count.

Girls learn to weld

Monday, May 04, 2009

An after-school welding class has sparked interest among a group of girls at Freeland High School.

Sparks fly as the students smooth spot welds with hand grinders and cut lengths of steel with a chop saw. Carly Vinson signed up when her male classmates said ”girls can’t do it.”

”It’s kind of fun proving them wrong,” said Vinson, 15, a freshman and the daughter of Mark and Mary Vinson of Freeland.

She was preparing to weld the framework for a mirror that featured a double frame interlaced with scroll work.

The idea for the all-female class came from Guidance Counselor Heather Essex and Industrial Arts Teacher Matt Forsberg. They learned of the concept at a career conference in Detroit.

Essex, 35, said the students applied for spots in the class by explaining why they were interested.


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