Become a Welder – No Charge!

Everyday you see dozens of ads on tv advertising a vocational school where you can learn a new skill, a new trade, and find a new career in this poor economy.  Well, what if those classes- that education- was free?  That’s exactly what’s happening to these soon-t0-be welders in Alabama.  Their state is giving them training… for FREE.

Free welding training offered for south Mobile County residents

Wednesday, July 08, 2009
Staff Reporter

After being diagnosed with diabetes, Andy Anderson of Irvington had to give up his nine-year career as a truck driver and look for work closer to home.

He scanned the newspaper’s classified advertising section, but the economy’s tough, and few jobs are available.

“It seems like the only jobs you see are for a welder or a truck driver,” said Anderson, whose father was a welder for 35 years. “Welding interested me.”

So Anderson became one of 33 people to enroll in new, free maritime welding classes at the Bryant Career-Technical Center on Padgett Switch Road in Irvington.

Hundreds of south Mobile County residents will get welding training over the next three years.


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