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Digital welding technology” – it sounds like a phrase straight out of  a sci-fi novel rather than something we’d use in day to day life.  Or is it?

Digitizing welding is hardly a thing of the future, and no, it doesn’t mean that robots will be taking over your jobs anytime soon.  Rather, it puts the power right back into your hands to make sure that your welds are the best that they can possibly be.

Digital Revolution Energizes Welding

By PETER ANDERSON | Jun 1, 2009 12:00 PM

Digital technology is transforming how welders work, giving them more control and more consistency, and making operations more competitive.

Because its surpasses past innovations, the emergence of “digital technology” has changed the way we live and play. The quality, consistency, and repeatability of digital technology have rewarded those who long for the best in audio and visual capabilities. So it’s no surprise we’ve traded our cassette tapes for CDs and MP3s, our VHS for DVDs, and analog TV for digital TV.

The benefits of digital can be experienced on the job site, too. In the welding industry, digital technology is transforming how today’s operators work, giving them more control and more consistency than they ever thought possible. Because digital welding can reproduce every weld for a given setup 100% of the time, welders and job shops alike are embracing this new technology to remain competitive in a changing industry.


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