How time flies: Rosie the Riveter is 60

Just caught this article over on the NY Times about a Rosie.   The thing that shocked me, its been 60 years!  Not that I was alive then, but I guess because Rosie the Riveter, the icon, is still so prevalent, it seems it can’t have been 60 years ago!  And let me just put a call out to all who know a Rosie the Riveter maybe now is a good time to do an interview, document their story before its too late….

60 Years Later, ‘Rosies’ Have Their Day


Nearly 60 years later, Garnet Kozielec still marvels at the journey that took her from a job wrapping porcelain dishes to doing so-called “man’s work” making bombers and fighter jets and from her home in West Virginia to Michigan and then California.


AND if you need help conducting an interview, check out the StoryCorps National Day of Listening Campaign (its set for November 27, the day after Thanksgiving when all your relatives will be gathered together– what better opportunity). On the site you’ll find a Do-It-Yourself guide and even a question generator…

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