Introducing Women to Welding Careers in McAllen Texas

A special shout out to Becky at Lincoln Electric for sending me this link…  she knows this is an area of special interest to me (as do all of you who read this website on a regular basis).  I’ve been doing a bit of research myself lately and was disheartened to learn that according to the latest Bureau of Labor Statistics the percentage of women working in the welding industry has actually declined– it is now LOWER than the 6% I’ve been quoting.

Anyway, check out this program geared towards getting women interested in careers in the male dominated trades– like welding!  and let me know if your workplace or school has a special outreach program. I’d love to share your stories!

Ladies Night entices female students to male-heavy careers

by Neal Morton, The Monitor

McALLEN — Elizabeth Robertson understands why manufacturing, welding or plumbing don’t exactly sound like expected career choices for women.

“Usually they’re pushed to teaching or nursing,” the 28-year-old said. “It’s typical to think of men going out and working their tools.”

A mechanical engineering student, though, Robertson embodied the evolving gender makeup of technology jobs when she attended South Texas College’s Ladies Night on Wednesday.


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