Gas Saver for TIG Clear Nozzle for TIG Welding

CK Worldwide Gas Saver for TIG is one of the few places you can buy CK Worldwide TIG Torches…  they’ve got a pretty impressive line (and if you don’t find it on the website, give us a call–we can get it for you!).  One of the products from CK that will really improve your TIG Welding is the Gas Saver(tm) nozzle.

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Now if you answered What’s a Gas Saver?... you have got to check this out. The Gas Saver is a super-sized Pyrex glass nozzle. You’ll get excellent visibility of the weld puddle and the tungsten electrode– ideal for inside corners, inside pipe and around tubing etc. You’ll also save shield gas consumption and experience improved flow patterns of your shield gas, which as you know means less turbulence, less contamination and awesome welds… sells the individual parts, and kits that include the Standard Diameter Gas Saver and the Large Diameter Gas Saver…

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