Where’s Rosie?

If  you’ve ever watched a family tour around town with a Flat Stanley, or if you’ve done it yourself, you know how much fun it can be–and what a great excuse for getting silly!

A couple years ago my friend Ralph had a visit from Flat Stanley, courtesy of his nephew, and we took Flat Stanley on a tour of downtown San Diego.  We even made him some sunglasses.

Well the AFL-CIO’s Union Plus program is getting in on the flat fun too with their Where’s Rosie campaign and you can play along!

On the Union Plus website there’s a dowloadable Rosie the Riveter that you can print out and take along with you on vacation–there’s an interactive map where you can upload your photos and see where else Rosie has been.  So far she’s been to Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Delaware, D.C., Virginia, California, Oregon, and Florida…

Where will you take Rosie??

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