New Year, New Tungsten Electrode Grinder?

The New Year is a great time to take stock of your welding equipment, and may even be a good time to upgrade your shop—like with the new ULTIMA-TIG/CUT tungsten electrode grinder—a complete grinding and cutting station for the production weld shop.

Even if you’re one of Arc-Zone’s customers who has been using the Nuetra Wet Tungsten Grinding machine, you may want to check out the ULTIMA TIG/CUT, the safest, most efficient, and most environmentally friendly grinder in the welding industry.  There are some significant improvements in this machine that make it well worth looking into, including an easy-to-read scale to select the exact taper you need for your welding application and even the option to grind a tip flat on the tungsten electrode.  The machine also features a precistion enclosed cutting module on the back side of the machine so you can cut your tungsten.  And the best part?  You’ll experience safe, repeatable precision wet grinding and cutting.

Like the Neutra, and the ULTIMA TIG this tungsten grinding machine utilizes a wet grinding technology that keeps the grinding wheel and the tungsten electrode cool while prepping the taper.  The liquid-cooled diamond coated grinding wheel provides faster grinding, and because the tungsten runs cooler, it won’t discolor or degrade from overheating.

Tungsten grinding dust is captured in the liquid-filled chamber—the benefit being that there is no airborne grinding dust—great if you’re maintaining a clean welding shop for high purity welding, or if you’re concerned about breathing dust unnecessarily.  This is one of the reasons why this wet tungsten grinding technology is utilized aboard U.S. Navy ships and in nuclear power plants around the world.

Arc-Zone sells and services the widest range of tungsten electrode grinding machines on the market. We’ve had experience with this ULTIMA TIG/CUT machine, and all the earlier generations of the wet grinding machine from the Black Gold to the ArcTime LTG.  Our technicians are so impressed with this newest, most highly engineered of the wet grinders, so ask about our Cash-In and Trade-Up programs.  If you’re already using a dedicated tungsten grinding machine in your shop, this may be an opportunity to upgrade.

If you don’t need a full production tungsten electrode grinding station, as a professional TIG Welder / fabricator, you may want to consider the other options:  from the hand-held tungsten grinders,  to the bench-top tungsten grinding machines.

And don’t forget….  Arc-Zone offers a full line of the best quality brands of tungsten electrodes for all your TIG/GTAW and Plasma Arc Welding needs, including our ArcTime brand Hybrid (non radioactive) tungsten recommended for all machines and all applications.

All these tools are designed to keep you Welding Like A Pro!


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