June is (Welding) Safety Month

The National Safety Council sets aside each June as National Safety Month so we thought we’d follow their lead and focus on safety in the welding industry this month.

It seems every day in the news there is a report of some accident:

Welding mishap blamed for barn fire….

Fatal oil-tank explosion tied to welding….

Welding gear may have sparked Birmingham Gardens fire…

You’ll notice the common theme: fire.  But welding safety is about more than just keeping your sparks away from flammable material.  Welding safety is about proper clothing and eye protection and welding safety is about equipment maintenance, and a safe work environment.

Throughout the  month we’ll be offering information about safety that you can use in your workplace. And if you have a tip to share, let us know!

Welding safety is also about taking personal care and for this week, the National Safety Council is offering this Tip Sheet on Ladder Safety (.pdf).  Many of these tips (place the ladder on a solid surface, wear clean and dry slip-resistant shoes when climbing, grip the rungs, not the side rails, etc) are common sense, it’s always good to have a reminder. Sometimes when we’re in a hurry…

Be safe! especially when welding in awkward positions.


And if you need welding apparel, don’t forget Arc-Zone carries the Angel Fire line of welding wear for women— and gloves–just the right size for women.

Proper fit means your clothes and your gloves won’t get in your way!

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