Our Youngest Rosie: Desiree, welding since she was 10

We’ve featured some amazing welding women in our New Rosies column, including the famous Jessi Combs. But none as young as our newest Rosie, Desiree!

Desiree Velez, welding up a storm in her AngelFire welding jacket
Desiree Velez, welding up a storm (technically it looks like she’s grinding something) in her AngelFire welding jacket

One of our loyal Instagram followers and Facebook fans, Adam of Midnight Metalcraft found a post on our account featuring our Roxy Fuel displaying a Plasma Arc Cutting Torch while wearing Revco Angel Fire gear. He mentioned that his 12-year-old daughter loves her Revco gear. Yes, you read that right!! His TWELVE-year-old daughter Desiree is a welder and now our newest Rosie.

We’re so impressed with the maturity of each answer Desiree provided considering her age. And what was even more impressive: that she  answered each question on her own. Her dad didn’t even know she had  sent it back to me.

For her interview and to see some of her work

When did you begin welding?

I began welding approximately 2 years ago, possibly a few months more than that exactly. So, I probably started welding in 2011.

Looks like Desiree is TIG Welding

Who/What got you interested in welding?

My dad is the person who wanted me to try welding. We own a small company called Midnight Metal Craft. He found that I had potential and started to teach me more. It was a fun activity for us to do and we could even sell our work.

What’s your favorite type of welding?

My favorite type of welding is probably MIG [GMAW] welding. It’s fairly simple and an efficient way to weld. MIG welding is also the first I was taught.

Do you have a favorite piece that you welded?

I do have a favorite piece that I made, my dad helped, but I designed it and welded most of it. It was an 18-in. by 24-in. metal butterfly.

Butterfly, designed, welded, and cut by Desiree


I sketched it, then I put in small shapes to be cut out, we double checked measurements and designs, then transferred the sketch to the metal, I plasma cut out the shapes, I torched it to bring some color out in the metal, and welded a nut to secure it to a pole that skewered a few flowering pots. It turned out to be a beautiful garden piece.

Are there other kids your age that you know who weld?

There are other kids around my age who I have heard of, but I don’t know anyone personally.

How do people react when they hear you weld?

People are generally impressed to hear that I can weld. I love surprising people with my abilities, both academic and physical.

What’s the coolest part about not only being a young welder but being a girl welder too?

The coolest part about being a young girl welder is probably proving, not only to others, but to myself as well, that I can weld. That is a great feeling and it boosts self confidence. I think it can be impressive, interesting, inspiring to others, and even a tribute to the women who stuck up for their rights and ours, because now….even I—a twelve-year-old girl—can be taken seriously….

Do you want to weld as your career?

I think that welding is an option and an interesting career, but it’s not a primary career choice for me at this point. Don’t get me wrong, I love to weld and I think it’s a fun hobby, a side job, a first job, or even a fall back skill. Right know I’m interested in becoming an anthropologist when I grow up. I would love to study cultures and history. But, instead of a run-of-the mill first job, welding for my dad’s company, Midnight Metal Craft will be great.

Thinking about her future career, Desiree tells us about an exciting opportunity that involves culture travelling, and history.

I’ve been offered an international trip to Australia, from a student ambassador program, started by president Eisenhower himself. The program is called People to People. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity, but, of course it’s not free. I need donations and a lot of fundraising. You can learn more and donate to the trip at ‘Donate2Dez.com‘. This trip will change my life and give me a head start on the career I would like and a better chance of getting into my first choice college.

This program also makes us experience leadership and confidence, they train our future leaders with skills that couldnt be taught in a better way.

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