A few of our favorite (welding) things

Believe it or not, at Arc-Zone we do get calls every year from folks who are not welders, but have welders in their life that they want to get a gift for.  So over the years we’ve come up with lists of items that make great gifts, our favorite welding things.

Now that I’ve written that title, I can’t get the Sound of Music song out of my head…

But really, this is a post about welding accessories–there is still time to get the welder in your life something special, or share this post with someone who wants to know what to get YOU.

Of course the easiest, and quickest gift is the Arc-Zone.com gift card, good for any welding accessory in our store. And, we’ll deliver it via email!

the Arc-Zone.com Gift Card

If you don’t delay and have time for shipping, one of my favorite items in our store is the BSX HelmetCatch(TM) backpack… it’s rugged enough for welding in the field, and it’s stylish.  The special compartment protects your welding helmet, and the rest of the bag, and the fact that it is a backpack allows you to easily carry all your welding tools to your shop or jobsite.

You’ll find some more great welding gift ideas over on the JoeWelder.com blog: or browse the Arc-Zone.com site (pay special attention to the Welding Apparel for women).

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