Save with Blanket POs for your welding accessories

April is all about savings at Arc-Zone and we have tons of ways to save you money.  One often overlooked way will not only save you money but time.  Blanket purchase orders for your welding accessory needs.

This may not be a big deal if you are a small fab shop and you don’t need to buy welding accessories in bulk, but for those of our customers who run high volume or automated welding operations, having the accessories on hand for their welding application is imperative.  When you’re standing around waiting for parts to arrive, you’re not making money!

With a blanket purchase order, we make a commitment to have the welding accessories on hand so you can do your job.  We can stock electrodes pre-ground to your specifications, we also regularly inventory Plasma Arc Welding accessories.

Replacement Parts for the 3A Plasma Arc Welding Torch

With a blanket purchase order, we know that you’ll be buying large quantities of the welding accessories you need so we can get you the best price.  We’ll also stock the parts so you don’t have to! Use your weld space for welding and we’ll use our warehouse, for warehousing!

You’ll also have access to our technicians who can work with you to determine the best accessories for your welding application, and the quantities that you’ll need to keep on welding.

As always, Arc-Zone offers high quality replacement parts that are less likely to fail, are engineered to work together, minimize variables, last longer, and perform better.

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