Back to Welding (Safety) School

Back to Welding School

It seems every time I look at at headline that has “welding” in the title it’s about a welding school expanding their offerings–the predicted shortage of welders is here.

There are a lot of welding school options, from your local community college where the courses may be more affordable, to the more specialized training schools like Wyotech, Lincoln Electric’s Welding School, or Tulsa Welding School where you can learn pipe welding, automotive technology, shipfitting and sheet metal fabrication.  (Check out the American Welding Society’s Welding School Locator to find a program near you.)

Once you’ve made the decision to go to school you’ll need to have some of your own gear.  Most welding schools will most likely give you list of welding supplies, starting with welding safety.  

Start with Welding Safety

Protect your vision with Safety glasses.  And don’t forget to check out our Eye Care for Welders (.pdf) technical focus paper.
Protect your hearing with Hearing protection (3M-VP-P1301)
Full Face protection Googles (JAC-3010346) will keep you safe from all sorts of hazards in the weld shop.
And don’t dismiss the importance of a Respirator (MIL-ML00894) or (3M-6501).  It’s not just welding fumes you need to protect yourself from, it’s all the dust and debris!
And of course, you’ll need a welding helmet… Arc-Zone offers both passive and auto-darkening helmets in a variety of styles.  If you need help deciding what you need, check out our Guide to Selecting a Welding Helmet (.pdf).

Next, add the Welding Safety Cool Factor

A sack for all your welding safety gear

Arc-Zone’s rugged utility pack– a cinch Sack you can load up with your  welding safety gear in!

In fact, we thought this was such a great idea, we’re offering welding safety starter kits, coming soon!

Another way to go is with the BSX® HelmetCatch™ Backpack With Side Pockets.



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