October 2009 Newsletter

A lot of things are happening behind-the-scenes at Arc-Zone– the new format of this newsletter is just one. We’ve also been working on some new features for our website and adding products to our line up. We’re pretty excited and hope you will be too. Check out the details below, and let us know if you have any questions or comments, or if there’s something you’d like to see at Arc-Zone.com.


Jim Watson, President & Founder
Arc-Zone.com, Inc.

Turbo 4 Tungsten Grinder

This highly engineered tungsten grinder is now exclusively available at Arc-Zone.com.  Manufactured in Japan the Turbo 4 is a Medium-Duty high-performance tungsten grinder is the best in its class  Its compact, semi-portable design allows you to grind tungsten electrodes from .040″ to 1/8″ diameter while the enclosed chamber protects the operator– and your weld shop– from grinding dust and debris.
Ask about the he semi-automatic, and the Heavy-Duty Turbo Ace MT-11 tungsten grinders…  they’re available now, and will be online soon!

At JoeWelder.com:  Product Spotlight:  Gas Saver PRO Kits

The Gas Saver Pro Kits(TM) are a convenient and cost effective way to get all the components needed to convert your TIG torch to the benefits of a CK Gas Saver front end.  It saves time and money by organizing all the parts in one kit with a lid card and part numbers for easy replacement.

Customers tell us all the time that the gas saver pro kits improve their  TIG welding performance, improve weld visibility, and offer better shield gas coverage and lower gas consumption.


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