Arc-Zone The Metal Mashup February Vol. 2

February 2017:  3 Cheers for our Founding Fathers & Mothers who laid the root pass for our opportunities & success.


If your high production, precision, or small part welding projects call for plasma arc welding, you already know that maintaining ample stock and replacing your torches and consumables can require a lot of juggling. Stick with a trusted supplier who can take the guesswork out of keeping the right parts in stock. We’ve slashed prices on 100’s of PAW items. If you don’t see what you need online, give us a call – we promise that if it exists somewhere, we’ll make every effort to deliver it to you.


These rugged foot controls allow you to comfortably operate your machine, regardless of whether you know the two-step or not. If you’re tired of kicking around a crappy plastic pedal, opt for a Hot Foot or SSC pedal that’s performance tested to stand up to the job. We the People, in order to form a more perfect weld, do establish that The Right Tools Make All the Difference.


Unfortunately, the saying that a diamond is forever, doesn’t hold true for the diamonds on your tungsten grinding wheel. With a hardness classification of ~9.0 on Mohs scale, as compared to a 10.0 for diamonds, Tungsten is hard enough to wear diamond wheels out; the frequency depends of the diameter of the tungsten & the # of grinds per day on the wheel. Having a high quality diamond wheel in your tool kit will ensure that you get the best quality weld, every time!


Arc-Zone has had a long history of promoting and supporting women in the welding industry (i.e. So when we came across this article from the Fabricator, that outlines women’s role in filling the gap in skilled labor jobs, we were pretty stoked. Check it out to learn how women are influencing the trades; apprentice training programs and skilled manufacturing jobs are benefiting from this ArcFlash revival of female workers who can turn an arc into a dance… all the way to the bank!


This woman could take out-of-position welding to a whole new level. Perhaps, you could save some coin and limbo under your car, instead of jigging it up to get your repair work done. This might be one of the most useful skills they forgot to teach you in auto-body class. Don’t try this at home… unless you want to make All your friends laugh for weeks. Literally, too crazy-funny not to share. Grab an Umbrella Cocktail & Get Your Limbo on. How Low can You Go?


Austin is both an inspired and inspiring 20 year old. He humbly claims that he’s making his way up the ladder, weld after weld. Austin credits his high school vocational teacher for setting him on the right path. At Stonewell Bodies in Genoa, NY, Austin builds the custom vehicles that First Responders, Veterinarians, & Farriers rely upon to get their jobs done. Check-out his work (@thatwelderaustin607), and that of all the Tradesmen & Women who weld straight from the heart!


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