Arc-Zone The Metal Mashup February Vol. 2

Feb 2018: Tools to repair it, organize it & wrench it, along with an amazing Bogi, extreme off-roading & steel forging.


Repair or build custom length TIG, MIG & PAW hoses in the shop or in the field without tools! New hose repair kits are easy to install, using a simple threaded compression collar to securely mount your hose to the nipple. Everything you need in one convenient kit. No tools or crimping dies needed. Get one before you need one! (Designed for 3/16″ I.D. 1/4″ O.D. hose)


Sometimes you just need a tiny adjustment, and your big ol’ meat paws can’t get in there to tighten or loosen your collet body & other small parts. This lil’ dandy can step in to get the job done. Engineered with a thin body style and multiple ports to fit the collet body styles for for the popular WP-9, WP-20, WP-24, and similar TIG set ups. It’s the best $4 you’ll spend… especially since the wrench also opens your beer. Cheers!!!


Elevate your Rod Guard containers to the Pro Series level. We even have an Upgrade Kit for everyone who already has Rod Guard containers. We’ve developed a Rod ID Cap & label that nests on top to identify the material type, diameter, and date. Along with Custom Dividers to store 3 diameters of rod in one tube. Protect your rod, organize your shop & maximize the value of your containers. What’s not to Love?


Enjoy this excerpt from Discovery – Science Channel’s “How It’s Made” Steel Forgings episode. Guaranteed to melt your heart and take you to your happy place full of molten dreams, but just don’t reach for the light. Inspires us to make more things with steel. Now, that’s what we call recycling!


Is possible to blend high performance, 700 horsepower and luxury? This Ripsaw Super Tank runs like a Gazelle and charges like a Rhino. The Ripsaw are handcrafted, limited run, high end luxury tracked platforms developed for the public and extreme off road recreation. These unique off-road vehicles take up to 6 months to fabricate and can cost over half a million dollars, depending on desired luxury & performance packages. Not in our budget, but they sure are exciting to see in action.


You may recognize Bogi (@bogisgarage) from her successful tv show, All Girls Garage, but that role represents only a small portion of her time & talents. She’s owner of 180° Automotive, an unconventional, award-winning auto repair shop in Phoenix. Last year, Bogi brought together over 90 women to build the Chevy Montage, a 57 Chevy pickup, which was revealed at SEMA. She has established an Educational Center, which aims to lower the barrier of entry often experienced by women in the automotive trades. The Center welcomes new people into the trades and helps shrink the skilled trades gap we’re seeing nationally. Be sure to connect with Bogi on IG or one of her web properties, as this woman is driven to succeed! We’re thrilled to highlight Bogi, as we have many shared values & vision. Kudos to her and women everywhere who break down barriers & kick some serious butt.


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