Arc-Zone The Metal Mashup April Vol. 1

April 2017:  Tighten your belt [grinder], unleash the power of the wedge, super-charge your mower, & lay your gun to rest.


With 7 grinding surfaces to choose from, coupled with 5 different wheels and a tilting stand, it’s no wonder your co-workers will actually line-up to use this machine. As if the above wasn’t enough, the Series II accommodates square notching & sharpening from both sides of the belt and has a variable speed option for increased versatility. Beware: Once you check-out the Master, you’ll Have to Have One for Yourself!


We literally can’t say enough about the Wedge collet. Just ask anyone who has compared them to the traditional slotted collets, they outperform and outlast the old school collets & can improve your weld quality. We now build all our Monster nozzle kits with them. Wedges come standard in all Gas Saver kits.
But Why Switch?  Improved arc start, less resistance, runs cooler, eliminates twisting & deformation of collet. Learn more…


STOP trying to figure out where to hang your gun, during your starts and stops, or even while your out searching for Easter eggs. The MIG Gun Holder is both a time and space saver. It sits securely on your table and will even hang onto your pliers and dip while you’re up under the hood. It’s all about simplicity -The Right Tools Make your welding life even more enjoyable.


How much tension is optimal on your abrasive belt? This article outlines some really helpful tips for anyone using & trouble-shooting their belt grinder. If you’re open to a few pointers to ensure that your belt fits just right without too much friction, save it to your Favorites to reference later. Skip marks, unusual wear, whining, and air leaks are all signs that your grinder needs a lil’ TLC. Now that’s Tight!


If the annual Easter egg hunt is taking place in your yard this year, don’t wait ’til the last minute to get the grass mowed… It can’t bee too long or too short. If you’re lookin’ for a way to improve your mow-time productivity, why not crank up the horsepower of your mower? What could possibly go Wrong?A lot, but it’s still fun to push the limits and see just how fast you can get that bad boy goin’. “Cause I Can’t Drive 65!” – Hagar


When Josh (@microarcwelder) was 13, he watched a lot of Jesse James’ show, along with West Coast Choppers & Monster Garage. That experience sealed the deal for him – he knew what he wanted to do as a career. On his 14th birthday, Josh’s dad gave him a small Lincoln MIG welder, but neither of them knew how to use it. Luckily, his Uncle had a welding shop. Once he saw the micro welding process he was fixated on it. Josh has never taken a welding course and since he started welding full time he has gone more into micro TIG welding, mostly using lasers. Cheers to Josh and to all the Tradesmen & Women whose passion for their work inspires each of us.



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