Arc-Zone The Metal Mashup July Vol.1

July 2017: Featuring crimping tools, Rhino Welding Carts, the Carmen Electrode story, and a welder named Blackburn.


We’ve added new work lead tools; Repair and maintain your own cables, lugs and connectors. Don’t get caught without the proper tools to keep your crew on task and meet project deadlines. The Right Tools Make All the Difference (and cure headaches too)!


Well… maybe not gold, but StrongHand Tools’ Rhino Mobile Welding Carts are the perfect all-in-one solution for shops of all sizes. Enjoy the fixturing options of a BuildPro table, the portability & storage of a cart, and a 66 piece fixturing kit is included. It offers a 4’x 2.5′ table top with a 1500 lb load capacity; roll it wherever you need it.


Show off your true colors and save your Rod. Whether you choose colors based on a favorite team, type of filler metal, or your welding machine – with Rod Guard colored canisters, you can organize your shop any way you choose. It’s kinda like pimpin’ your ride… but a LOT cheaper!


The Story of How Arc-Zone & Carmen Electrode Came to Be

Maybe it’s a trip down memory lane, sprinkled with the prominent role women have played in shaping both Jim’s journey and Arc-Zone’s history. Regardless, we think it’s a story worth telling, and reading (we hope). Grab your favorite beverage, read our tale, and please leave a comment to let us know what you think or what more you’d like to know. We really value your opinion; without subscribers, customers, friends, and partners… there would be no, so Thank You for the role you’ve played in our story too!


No, not really. Even if you thought that you knew a lot about grinding wheels, you’ll probably learn a thing or twelve from this “How It’s Made” video. We’re all familiar with the finished products & what they do, but how are they produced? Click to see the end-to-end process of manufacturing each type of wheel, starting from the specific mixture of chemicals and minerals to placing the final labels on the wheels.


We love to showcase talented welders, great welds, and every so often we have the opportunity to meet these folks face to face. Our goal is to foster a community of great peeps. Dave (@blackburnfabrication) is no exception. He stepped up to the booth & completely Wowed the Crowds, when he made the #RazorBladeChallenge at Fabtech happen. Dave’s stepdad and uncle taught him to weld when he was a kid… so he could fix his dirt bike. He enjoys all processes, as each has its own challenges. Dave does a lot of TIG repair jobs, and he’s building his own kickbutt mobile welding rig, so if anyone has an upcoming project in Central CA, Blackburn’s your guy!


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