THE METAL MASHUP January 2023 Vol 4

HOW LOW CAN YOU GO? Shrink Your TIG Torch For Optimal Welding ⚡

Fabrication jobs come in all shapes and sizes. While the market is flooded with standard TIG cups, there’s only one place to find multiple cup and torch sizes for specific welding applications.

From large diameter gas saver cups to micro torch fittings, Arc-Zone has just what you need to weld all jobs like a pro!

Do you need to weld in restricted spaces? Is a standard cup too big for the area? Try our LowRider Gas Lens Kits. They drastically shrink the front end of your torch without losing any of the benefits of a standard gas lens kit.

Watch as Arc-Zone founder, Jim Watson installs the LowRider kit onto a standard TIG Torch.


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