THE METAL MASHUP January 2023 Vol 1

NEW YEAR, NEW GEAR 🎉 The Latest Tech To Take Your Metal Fab To The Next Level!

The New Year is all about new goals, new plans and a new you! What better way to take yourself and your welding to a new level than with a BRAND NEW welding machine?!

CK Worldwide’s NEW MT375 AC/DC Welding Machine is the machine to end all machines. 

Featuring a high-performance dual voltage inverter for 230V & 460V and an easy-to-use interface for quick setting adjustments, this welding machine is loaded with advanced capabilities to weld a variety of materials. 

The CK MT375 AC/DC machine is fully equipped with a dual pump water cooler & utility cart. AND features the NEW patented Steady-Grip™ foot pedal which quickly converts to fingertip amperage control. 

Do you wanna take CK’s MT375 AC/DC Welding Machine to an even higher level?! 

Contact our customer care team to add an Arc-Zone Exclusive Upgrade Bundle featuring some of our Best Selling TIG welding accessories. From torch holders and Rod Guards to Arc-Sabers and premium ArcTime Tungsten, the Arc-Zone Exclusive Upgrade will help you build the machine of your dreams!


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