THE METAL MASHUP January 2023 Vol 5

STEP OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE 🎯 Try Something New Or Teach Someone Something New

They say that “Great things never came from comfort zones” which is exactly why our latest fabricator feature is all about stepping away from the norm and paving the way for more people to learn a skilled trade.

Meet the woman who created a place to celebrate, discuss and provide resources for women in the welding industry.

Tiffany VonOrff, founder of the Welding Women Syndicate took the time to tell us more about herself, her welding history and where she sees the opportunities in the trades.

One of the Welding Women Syndicate’s popular courses is “Welding Then Wine,” which features a hands-on demo in welding up a wine holder using the MIG process followed by a glass or two of wine.

If you wanna host your own “Welding Then Wine” Night, check out our MIG section full of high quality MIG guns, nozzles, anti-spatter, pliers, wire feeders and drive roll kits.

If you or someone you know is curious about taking a welding course, we highly recommend starting off with the proper PPE. Having the right pair of gloves will drastically improve dexterity and torch control.


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