THE METAL MASHUP March 2023 Vol 1

WELD LIKE A PRO ⚡ How To Excel In Your Welding Career

This edition of the Metal Mashup is dedicated to those who want to know how to weld like a pro!

Three years ago, master fabricator Alex Seibert visited the Arc-Zone showroom to pick up some of his favorite welding tools. Since then, he’s become one of Instagram’s most liked “weldors” sharing tips and tricks for future trades generations to come. 

Read Alex’s blog to learn the way of the welder.

One of Alex’s favorite welding accessories is Arc-Zone’s premium TIG cup, the Monster Nozzle.

Our Monster Nozzles are available in a variety of sizes to meet the standards for multiple welding applications. They feature an interior screen stack that allows for optimal gas coverage, even with excessive tungsten stick-out.

These cups are available in single and double packs or paired with high quality TIG welding consumables in our Monster Pro Kits.


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