THE METAL MASHUP February 2023 Vol 4

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Meet Brock, a retired aerospace engineer who’s been interested in welding since he was a teenager. For the last decade, he’s been experimenting with the colored oxides in stainless steel.

“I started by polishing stainless steel flatware and heating it in a tempering oven at 800 to 1200 degrees F. I got great colors, so I started toying with getting those colors in a weld puddle. To make the plates, I colored the plate in the tempering oven, then scribed the image I wanted, putting down welds where I wanted color. I had never seen anyone doing something quite like this, so I was drawn to the challenge of figuring out how to do something I’ve never seen before.”

“As a physicist (I know, it sounds funny), I am naturally drawn to problem solving, and I have become quite attached to the colors I can get in my welds. Figuring out how to do this has been fun, but I generally move on after I have developed a new (to me, at least) technique. I don’t have the patience to get good at anything; I generally stop once I have developed the concept.”

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