THE METAL MASHUP January 2023 Vol 3

WHAT’RE YOU WORKING ON? We Wanna See & Share Your Latest Project 🔨

Last year, we asked you what you wanted to see in our newsletters. Besides awesome products, we got quite a few requests to feature awesome projects.

Without further ado, here’s the first feature from one of Arc-Zone’s Metal Mashup subscribers.

Meet Jeff, a retired welding instructor and small shop owner. Check out the cool projects he’s currently working on!

“The vintage trials bike is powered by a 1960’s Ducati 250 cc. I made the frame and tank. The header is for my 1930 style track racer powered by a 225 CID Chrysler Slant-Six. Like the trials bike, I’m making everything myself; frame, sheet metal, etc. I’m hoping to have both projects done this next year.”

Are you looking for the perfect tungsten fit for multiple metal fab projects? Check out ArcTime! It’s Arc-Zone’s premium, hybrid tungsten that can be used on multiple welding applications.

ArcTime is made with the most advanced rare earth oxide blend that maximizes arc stability and skyrockets your welding performance! It delivers laser like arc starts with a low-burn off rate and long tip life.


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